Winner of the Retail Destination of the Year Award, Mall of the Emirates isn just a shopping center, it an ultimate leisure and entertainment resort. Packed with designer boutiques, including Harvey Nichols, Debenhams, Bois Chiffon, Reiss, Missoni, and Marc Jacobs, the center is a monstrosity of glass and steel in the middle of Dubai. Other than shops (of course), Mall of the Emirates comprises Ski Dubai, (the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East) the Dubai Community Theatre Arts Centre, the 14 screen Cinestar cinema complex, and the Magic Planet amusement park.

They don’t even need syrup, though we can’t say we fully endorse going without the real maple syrup they provide is so full of dark caramel, northern Minnesota forest flavors that it’s worth it’s weight in gold. And, if you find it hard to find a seat in theclaustrophobiainducingoriginal, just take yourself across the river and check their spacious new digs, with all the old hits, in St. Paul.

I am a mother with one charming, 3 yr old girl. After giving birth, I can say that I have gained weight. It might not be much but I am not seeing the normal body weight that I did have. I walked in, we got a cozy booth in the back, my food came up instantly, and, as I munched on my pizza and sipped from a real glass filled with Summit Winter ale, I thought: This is just fantastic! Restaurant quality food, bargain prices! After all, Punch’s pizza is a Twin Cities legend, fired in real wood burning ovens at 800 degrees; they are all blister, woodsmoke, and tension between buoyant dough and the instant crisp of an inferno of an oven. The ingredients are top quality. What’s not to like?.

“When my dad passed away, he (Mike Jr.) was 19 and really stepped in and was that father figure and really helped my mom (Shirley) out, Kassian recalled. (trip) is very rewarding for him. My brother never asked for anything and he that type of person.

“Their confidence had soared over the previous year. The numbers were starting to look pretty good, and it was enough to look forward to 2015, when there’d be some excess oil exporting capacity. But then the price of oil fell, and just kept falling,” said Patrick Osgood, Kurdistan bureau chief for the industry publication Iraq Discount Jerseys Supply Oil Report.

Neighborhood groups across Minneapolis are coming to grips with the sudden loss of revenue for the Neighborhood Revitalizaton Project or NRP. The losses are the result of changes in the state tax code passed last week at the state legislature. The NRP was designed to take excess Tax Increment Finance money from big projects in the city, and give them to neighborhoods across the city to control and spend as they saw fit.