For him, it’s simple math. “If you consume a lot on a regular basis and you have people come to your house, you have to adjust,” said Jolly, a 27 year old network technician in Milwaukee who buys liquor every other week. “If your body can take it, you might as well buy the cheaper liquor.” Sales in stores, which make up three quarters of liquor sales, rose about 2.1 percent, while sales in restaurants fell 3 percent.

Dave has seen these barns ripped down all too often, and he gets emotional thinking about his role in preserving a piece of Wisconsin history. “I think they’re a monument to our Discount MLB Jerseys heritage in this part of the country and I think they should be saved. I get teary eyed, because who is going to do it if me or a guy that feels like me about it.

Paul (Sparky) Johnson, a drama professor from University of Alberta, Augustana Campus, told an Aesop’s fable and a Native American story. “They were extremely interesting stories made even better by the storyteller’s excellent presentation,” said Laura Larson, a community member and campfire enthusiast. Music was provided by local guitarists Brittany Lehman and Corbin Emslie, members of the Brittany Catherine Band.

8. If you like olives, you may love the olive spread known as tapenade; there are many version of this Mediterranean dip, but the one with anchovies has a richer taste. To 20 chopped and pitted Kalamata olives, add a tablespoon of chopped capers, two teaspoons of olive oil, a teaspoon of mashed anchovy fillets and a teaspoon of lemon juice (fresh is better than jarred).

Chip and PIN cards are the EMV card of choice in most other countries. Instead of signing, customers simply input a PIN number. For now, the United States is adopting Chip and signature cards where people only have to sign. Each year, home buyers across North America struggle with a familiar choice: They can pay more to live in a smaller urban property, within walking distance to schools, shops and work; or pay less for a larger suburban home with a big backyard and ample parking, but have to hop in a car for just about everything they need. At first blush, it appears urban and suburban residents may simply have fundamentally different values and interests, but that may not be the case. For many Canadians, the decision between city and suburb boils down to how strongly you weight three important factors your money, your time and your overall lifestyle.

Such may have been the case in Charlottesville when a fire broke out in the wee hours of March 18, 2007 in a Lewis Mountain Road duplex that had been the site of a St. Patrick’s Day party. The horror was detailed in the Hook’s April 17, 2008 cover story, “Smoldering Truth: Ashley Mauter’s fight and a shocking fact about smoke detectors.”.